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Lending video

A lent video occurs when the content owner of a video grants another user permission to use their video. The content owner retains full control over the video, and the borrower cannot alter any of the video's settings. A borrower can remove the video from their vault by browsing to Manage Videos under their user menu. Some lent videos may have an expiration date. After the expiration date the video will no longer be available to the user.

Lending a video is great for those who wish to give their videos to friends and family so that it is available in their vault too. This is also particularly useful for less technical users.

How to lend a video

To lend a video go to the page where you watch the video and click the Lend button. You must know the email address of the person you want to lend to.

How to authorize a lend request

When a user wants to lend you their video, a lend request is sent to you. You will receive a notification message that asks if you want to approve or reject the lend request. When you approve a lend request the video will be available to you in your vault.