Zoovio on the Roku

Use Zoovio on your Roku media player and watch video from your personal vault on your TV!

Show your friends, family, and co-workers your video collection right from the convenience of your television with the Roku.

Getting setup with Roku is easy!

Step 1. Purchase your Roku and Add our channel

Step 2. Select the Zoovio channel from your Roku

Step 3. Sign In and link the Roku to your account

That's it! It's really that easy.

Watch 100,000 Movies Instantly on your TV

For questions go to Support and see our frequently asked questions

Looking for a place to bring your video tape?

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Authorized Agent Program

Interested in becoming or knowing more about our authorized agent program?

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Get started with Zoovio

Use Zoovio to put and preserve your personal video tapes on the web!

Zoovio will help you eliminate the clutter of your personal video tapes and preserve your memories forever.

Ask Yourself

  • Are you tired of the stack of video tapes you are storing?
  • Has your video camera or video player reached the end of it's life?
  • Have you ever wanted your personal video tapes online but didn't know how to do it?

It's getting more difficult every year to find new video players because video tape is obsolete.

Zoovio can help you!

Getting your video online is easy!

Step 1. Register and Sign In with your account

Step 2. Click Upload and describe your video

Step 3. Choose a delivery method:

  • Upload it yourself
  • Mail it through standard mail
  • Drop it off at an authorized location
We will process your video and store it in your personal vault

For questions go to Support and see our frequently asked questions

Did You Know your video tapes are degrading even when you are storing them? It would be very sad to lose those memories.